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Bottom line, we are passionate about helping students.  We love opening their eyes to the possibilities their college experience and education can hold. We are dedicated to guiding the application process and helping students find direction and inspiration.

As sisters, we immigrated to the US from South Africa in our teens. As high school students, we embarked on the college application process ourselves, first generation college-bound, chartering unfamiliar territory within a new culture and educational landscape.

As college counselors, we have paved the road for students and their families, helping alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompany the complex process of college admissions.

As a team, we work side-by-side, bringing forth our own unique elements and areas of expertise to create an amazing, synchronous process, specifically geared to each and every aspect of the college-bound adventure.

Gaby Laur

UCLA - BA, English

UCLA - Certificate Program, College Counseling

HECA - Member of the Higher Education Consultants Association

We believe in mutual respect and the importance of developing relationships built on trust.

We do this by offering one-on-one and small group opportunities, tailoring programs to students’ individual needs and resources, offering educational materials peer-reviewed by industry leaders, and most importantly being empathetic listeners and cheerleaders every step of the way.

Kim Bedrosian

USC - BA Architecture

UCLA - Certificate Program, College Counseling

HECA - Member of the Higher Education Consultants Association

Mission and Principles


With transparency, communication and respect APPLiCAN Consulting provides guidance and direction for students and their families by developing a clear and succinct plan to navigate the complex process of college admissions and financial aid applications. As college counselors, we pride ourselves on working with families to empower a well-informed decision in identifying the BEST college fit: academically, socially, emotionally and financially.


  • To advise students and their families throughout all phases of the college admissions process

  • To create a vibrant student-counselor relationship based on transparency, integrity and respect

  • To adhere to a firm belief in equity and access to higher education for all

  • To help students identify their unique qualities and passions, and create a college list best suited to their success as individuals

  • To help students gain the knowledge and skill set to do the work and own the process: including but not limited to, research, communication, accomplishing assignments, time management and self-advocacy


Getting the chance to learn from two of the most open-minded, kind, curious,and bright minds was an experience I will treasure forever. You are both truly my north star and I will never forget how valued I felt by the two of you. I  can’t fathom how many young lives you both have changed as a duo. You both lead with love and have such a profound and organic way of helping others tell their truth through their college applications. “Thank you” doesn’t cover the magic and value that you have instilled in me - you both made me believe in myself, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. - Amineh, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY

When preparing to apply to a 4 year university as a transfer student, I was worried about what the application process would be like— thankfully I connected with Gaby and Kim. These wonderful and passionate women made what seemed like a daunting and stressful process, completely manageable. They have helped me tremendously with staying on track of due dates, providing me with resources I didn’t know existed, and helping me step out of my comfort zone and apply for scholarships. Their guidance, support, and expertise made all the difference in the continuation of my college career and I would be lost without them. - Clarissa, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY

If it weren’t for Gaby and Kim, the results of my application process wouldn’t have been nearly as good. There isn’t enough information out there on the process of applying to multiple schools, but thanks to them it was all clarified and straightforward. And they do not do the minimum whatsoever. When formulating my personal statement, they had me try multiple versions and arrangements to make it perfect. This process should’ve been a very stressful disaster, but thanks to them it was a seamless and effective journey. Thanks Gaby and Kim! - Noah, PRATT INSTITUTE

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the help Gaby and Kim gave me through the college application process. Out of high school I never imagined going to college because I never thought I’d get in. After some community college, I felt driven to try. I came to Gaby and Kim with no idea how to find a good fit school or how to even start. They helped me research school and scholarship options, and with my essay. Throughout the process they cheered me on and were beyond supportive - they helped bring out a confidence I never knew I had. I really feel that I owe them a lot for where I am today because I never could have imagined getting into an amazing school and being offered a scholarship, fulfilling my dream of becoming a psychologist. They showed me the way as I took the steps. I am forever grateful for their guidance and support, I seriously couldn't have done it without them. - Maddie, DENVER UNIVERSITY


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